Optimal Coating System Design

CCG’s entire business philosophy and value proposition are simple – to provide specialty coating systems in the best interest of the owners.

We advocate exclusively for the benefit of owners to provide the highest quality technical resources anywhere. When owners directly contact material suppliers, contractors, or engineering or architectural firms for their corrosion protection and materials solutions, they are at great risk of identifying “suitable” or more often, “marginal” corrosion mitigation systems, as these entities are not incentivized, or may not have the resources or capabilities to provide “optimal” solutions.    When owners engage CCG, they are assured that they will obtain “optimal” systems, which are entirely in their best interest based on verifiable data. In one recent instance, CCG saved a client nearly $800,000 after a three-hour conversation, which concluded that the owner didn’t need to line the interior of a concrete tank, while other vendors had recommended internal lining, ostensibly to their own benefit.

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