Chicago Corrosion Group (CCG) is a new and unique venture uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality, state-of-the art industrial coating consulting anywhere.

Through critical analysis, driven research, unparalleled experience and vast industry resources, CCG can provide state-of-the- art industrial coating consultation anywhere in the world. We can handle the most challenging coating projects. While we have managed thousands of successful coating applications, we have also managed and resolved many coating failures. Learning from both, we combine our unique and broad practical experience with unparalleled, in-depth, objective research. This allows us to provide you with highly detailed, superbly written reports and presentations. Turn to experts who know about coatings, listen to your needs, and analyze your situation.

Our Team

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Warren Brand, Owner

Warren has been involved in the industrial coating industry since the age of 10, when he would go out with workers from his family business, lining the bottom of 275 gallon heating oil tanks in the basement of Chicago-area homeowners.

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Since then, he has owned an industrial tank lining company and has successfully participated in thousands of corrosion mitigation projects. He has worked on everything from circuit boards, six-story national monuments, sulfuric acid tanks, grain silos, aquariums, passive fire proofing, corrosion under insulation, secondary containment areas and coating the interior of swimming pools for the rich and famous.

One project of note was specifying the coating system for all of the concrete drinking water tanks in the tallest building in the world, The Burj Kalifa, in Dubai.

Warren holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and wrote for a dialy newspaper (The Whitter Daily News) in the late 1980s. He also holds a Masters In Business Administration in Entrepreneurship.

In 2010 he started Chicago Coatings Group (now called Chicago Corrosion Group). He recognized a need for vendor-neutral, unbiased and highly technical consulting to aid owners in making optimal decisions pertaining to corrosion mitigation solutions and material choices.

There was no business model to follow, and the first years were a tough go. Now, however, CCG is growing nicely and is humbly of service to some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world.

He has obtained top certifications with NACE, The National Association of Corrosion Engineers, as a level 3, peer reviewed coating inspector. He has  also earned the top certification with SSPC, The Society for Protective Coatings as, a Protective Coating Specialist (PCS).

He is also a frequent blogger and Associate Editor for PaintSquare and also writes for Corrosionpedia.

Warren also owns Engineered Corrosion Solutions, a Midwest technical conference on corrosion.

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Dan Wiese, Senior Consultant

Dan Wiese entered the protective industrial coatings industry in 1999, when hired as an outside sales representative for Chicago Tank Lining Sales, a coatings contractor since 1959.

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Before leaving CTLS in 2010 to join in the creation of Chicago Corrosion Group, Dan managed sales, project management, and quality assurance for hundreds of successful coatings application projects. He also acts as a liaison between operations and clientele, and collaborating on marketing endeavors and day-to-day business operations.

During his tenure with Chicago Corrosion Group, Dan has consulted on coating system design, advised clientele on emerging and alternative materials, and authored and delivered highly comprehensive technical reports and specifications to clients across a broad range of industries. In addition to consultation, Dan has managed the contractor arm of CCG, and coordinated sensitive coatings application and repair projects using a network of qualified subcontractors and technicians. Clients, who have been acquired through a grassroots marketing initiative, include engineers and managers in the petrochemical, manufacturing, food production and chemical industries.

Dan is a member of and participates in industry organizations such as CICI, NWIBRT, NACE and SSPC, and has collaborated in the formation and execution ECS, a technical conference on corrosion that is hosted by CCG.