Condition Survey / Inspection Services

Condition surveys and commercial coating inspection services are critical to understanding how best to develop optimal corrosion mitigation solutions.

Condition surveys can include a review of photos and reports, onsite inspections, a simple phone conversation, non-destructive and/or destructive testing, in-depth interviews, substantial research and/or confined space entry, even underwater.

CCG inspection services are unique in that they typically include associated consulting services along with 3rd party inspection. This may at times be more costly than other qualified inspectors, however we believe that the greatest value for owners will be to utilize an inspector who has the experience and is empowered to speak up and do more than simply “document and report.” Our inspectors are highly trained and highly experienced. CCG firmly believes that, while inspectors are primarily there to ensure compliance with a specification, that their decades of experience can very often improve the outcome of problematic operations.

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