Coating Failure Analysis

Coating failure analysis is one of the most overused and, at times, misguided services that consulting entities provide.

True to CCG’s credo of advocating exclusively for the client, the majority of CCG’s failure analysis are directional and summary in nature. Unless an owner intends to embark on litigation (CCG provides litigation support), or if specific data is required for negotiations, there is seldom justification to conduct a full, formal failure analysis. While CCG is qualified to provide these services (including lab-work), we typically advise clients who are experiencing a coating failure to engage CCG for development of a mitigation plan. Applying funds towards mitigating the failure is almost always a better use of owner’s time and resources than conducting a full, formal failure analysis. Exhaustive investigation into the exact mode of failure is rarely required when providing a technically sound, pragmatic, mitigation plan.

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