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Contact Chicago Corrosion Group

Chicago Corrosion Group
9021 Kostner Avenue, Skokie, Illinois 60076
Toll-Free 877-516-9514
Fax: 847-423-2176

Working with Us

A Chicago Corrosion Group, expert coating consultants, will meet with the client to discuss details of the project and evaluate if Chicago Corrosion Group’s services and areas of expertise will benefit the client. If we have value to offer, Chicago Corrosion Group will provide a preliminary proposal including time frame and cost. Each proposal will be unique, but all will include:

  • Reiteration of project requirements to ensure that both CCG and client have a shared understanding of scope and goals.
    Outline of options pertaining to the project.
  • CCG’s role in providing/gathering objective specifications, conducting and presenting research.
  • Cost for producing a formal project manual. Generally, this will include quotations, specifications and recommendations.

CCG can continue to be involved as required, including gathering and qualifying quotations, project management, on-site inspection services, QA and QC, as well as other coating consulting. A final meeting will ensure that all of the objectives of the project were professionally, competently and pleasantly carried out.

Contact us today to see how Chicago Corrosion Group can play a part in your next project.