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Coating and Lining Case Studies

The following is an abridged list of case studies. Additional studies are available upon request.

THE BURJ – Tallest Building in the world, Dubai:
Mr. Brand was approached by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP about finding a coating that could be installed in concrete drinking water tanks and would “last forever.” From his experience coating hundreds of drinking water tanks through Chicago Tank Lining, Mr. Brand quickly narrowed down the alternatives to two, and then one, unique coating that was ultimately specified and installed in all of the concrete drinking water tanks in The Burj. Subsequently, the same coating system was installed at the base of the Trump Tower, Chicago.

THE JOHN G. SHEDD AQUARIUM – Shark exhibit coating repeatedly failed, Chicago, IL:
Mr. Brand was called by The Shedd to troubleshoot a coating installation problem. The backside of the new shark exhibit needed to be coated black or dark blue, in order to provide visual depth to the exhibit. A coating was installed, and the pool filled with salt water, however, the coating was not providing the cosmetic appearance desired. The coating was reapplied and the pool refilled, with the same result. The pool was recoated a third time before Mr. Brand was called. He specified the complete removal of the existing coating with the application of a different coating. The specification was followed and the problem was solved.

OLIN CORPORATION – Severely corroded concrete wastewater tanks, Joliet, IL:
A downsized industrial plant was running a wastewater treatment system to treat the runoff from a large gypsum field. The concrete wastewater treatment tanks were severely corroded and had been lined, on three different occasions, by three different companies using three different coatings – all of which failed. Mr. Brand designed a coating system and unique surface application technique to solve the corrosion problems of all the tanks. The tanks have been in service, maintenance-free, for more than 20 years.